Teledermatology Services

Starting on Monday 2/4, AIM is excited to join a CUIMC pilot of teledermatology! Consult a Columbia dermatologist in real time via secure video conferencing for dermatologic complaints that require specialist evaluation.

Teledermatology Pilot Summary

For now, the process should be initiated only by attendings - residents, if you feel your patient would benefit from dermatology, feel free to let your PIC know as early as possible so they can coordinate this while you complete the visit.

1. Previsit: Call the dermatology team at 646-630-3118 (the number will be on the website), they will tell you if they are ready in real-time or if there is a queue. Ask your MA to get the camera cart, if the MA is not around let your PFA know to relay the message.

2. To start the visit: Enter the patients name and MRN, press “visit now” – if you encounter difficulty see the trouble shooting guide attached to the cart. The dermatologist can call Pacific Interpreters via the cart itself if necessary.

3. During the visit: You will give a brief one-liner, the dermatologist can ask any questions they have and perform their physical exam. The dermatologist can control the camera. They may ask you to turn on the light or use one of the ruler stickers in the cart drawer. The dermatologist will give you their recommendations for work up and treatment. If labs are needed, place the orders as pending return visit and the patient can get them done in our lab. You will be responsible for writing the necessary prescriptions and following up labs. If the dermatologist wants to see the patient in person, they will ask that the patient be sent directly to HIP in real time.

4. After the visit: Dermatology will write a full consult note in Allscripts, they are able to provide written instructions for the patients (via email or a printable note in Allscripts). The dermatologist will arrange follow up at the appropriate interval.

Teledermatology is available M 8-4:30, T 8-4:30, W 8-12, Th 8-4:30, F closed.

During the pilot, we’d like to try out several use cases: walk in clinic, resident continuity clinic and attending clinics. If you hear a case from a resident that sounds appropriate for teledermatology, you should call the dermatology team and help the resident through the above process until we iron out the kinks. Please email Dr. Singer with name/MRN and what worked well/didn’t work well when you get a consult – in particular we'd like to know if there was a wait time and about how long the visit took.

See the workflow diagram.