Clinical Guidelines

Preventative Care Guidelines

USPSTF - Searchable repository of all USPSTF recommendations regarding preventative medicine.

AHRQ Search Tool - Allows you to easily filter USPSTF recommendations relevant to the patient in front of you!

CDC Vaccination Guidelines - Easy-to-read chart, for patients 18+

Disease Specific Guidelines

ACC/AHA Lipid Guidelines - Note this 2013 guideline is not entirely concordant with current USPSTF guidance for patients with ASCVD risk 7.5% - 10%.

ACC/AHA Perioperative Cardiovascular Risk Stratification - One, though not the only, method for assessing cardiovascular risk perioperatively.

ACC/AHA Hypertension Guidelines - See table 23 for the (somewhat controversial) treatment thresholds for hypertension. See also this Annals of Internal Medicine summary.

ACE Diabetes Guidelines - Executive summary linked. See also these easy-to-read and friendly slides.

ACP Guidance Statement on A1c Goals in Diabetes - A good summary of the available literature related to A1c goals and a good argument that most patients should have a goal of 7-8%.

GOLD COPD Pocket Guide - A good, annually updated guide to the essentials of COPD management.