Epic for AIM Providers

Important First Steps

If you haven't already, add the iNYP Single Sign On tab. This tab is the single best way to look at old data in iNYP while caring for patients in Epic.

Update your preference list: A Word document telling you how to copy common outpatient orders from Dr. Shim.

Chart Abstraction

A guide on transitioning your patients' info from Allscripts/Crown to Epic: Job Aid

Clinical Workflows:

See slides from 1/27 AM conference detailing many AIM workflows.

See also this one page document reviewing the essential steps to an outpatient visit.

Some more detailed dives into individual topics:

1.        Overview of Workflow in Clinic: Video by Dr. De Miguel

1.        Prepping a Chart for Clinic: See video by Dr. De Miguel

2.       Patient Workflow in Clinic: Another video by Dr. De Miguel

3.       Ordering labs in clinic: What's that? A video by Dr. De Miguel

4.       Updating your preference list: A Word document 

5.       Add the iNYP Single Sign On tab (as above)

6.       ED referral (coming soon)

PIC/Resident Workflows

1.       Resident Co-Sign Workflow: A video

2.       Add a PIC schedule with module column, tutorial by Dr. Singer

3.       Resident lab workflow: Coming soon!

In Basket

1.       Inbasket super doc: A 60-page document of everything you could (and will) need to know about the Epic inbox.

2.       Delegating work and messages: See PowerPoint

3.       Inbasket Vacation Coverage video (by Dr. De Miguel)

4.       How to build a quick action: Coming soon!

Personalization Preferences

This 60 page document is meant for reference, consider using it to look up more obscure questions.

Need Extra Help?

  • Email Bill/Hye Gi to set up a time to review notes and personalization