Mental Health Resources

AIM Mental Health Social Workers

Patients are referred for mental health care in AIM through our mental health social workers, Jesus Cuzo and Francis Lora. Patients can be referred throught the AIM Mental Health Social Work referral order in the AIM order set. Patients may be referred for care through the Integrated Mental Health Program, the Collaborative Care for depression program, or to local community psyhchaitric or substance abuse clinics. 

NYP Mobile Crisis

Encatchment area from Riverdale to West 125th St (if outside this area, staff will give contact info for other mobile crisis services when you call). Emergency psychiatric home visits for English/Spanish speaking patients. Field team consists of LCSW and driver/security/Spanish translator. Prior to calling, try to have available: address, telephone, known meds, substance abuse history, any history of violence or if known to have firearms in house, and name/location of mental health provider patient follows with (if any). If mobile crisis teams feels patient is not a danger to self/others they will not bring patient to CPEP, if they do feel patient is danger and patient agrees to emergency care they will bring to CPEP, if they feel patient is a danger but patient does NOT agree, mobile crisis will call 911, NYPD will respond, and patient may be brought in against will.


Hours:available Mon-Fri 8AM-7PM, Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM

Languages: English and Spanish

Psychiatry Resources

NYC Buprenorphine Providers

List of certified providers for patients interested in Medication-Assisted Thearpy for opioid use disorder.

NYP Resources

The NYP Adult Psychiatry Clinic (Eye-6 Clinic):

1) Usually weekly group therapy, but individual, family and couple therapy also available. Psychopharmacology treatment is available for all patients receiving therapy, but at times access to some treatments is limited, in particular medication only (without psychotherapy) and individual therapy in Spanish.

2) Referrals should go through the AIM order set. The mental health social worker will fax a referral form to the intake coordinator as appropriate.

NYPH-ACN Psychiatry Clinics: 212-305-5977

1) Psychopharmacology and individual and group psychotherapy for both English/Spanish speaking patients, mostly targeting patients w/ depression, anxiety, personality disorders, mild bipolar disorder, less so serious psychotic disorders, also have MICA program (mental illness and chemical addiction), no resources for autism spectrum or developmental disorders. 80% of services are group-based, limited individual therapy options

2) Patients must live between 155th and 225th St. river to river, or zip code 10463 in the Bronx (zip Codes 10032, 10033, 10034, 10040, 10463, and parts of 10031)

Community Resources

Resources in Manhattan

Centro Medico Dominicano

Spanish speaking adults with mental health disorders.

Location: 185th btw Wadsworth and St. Nicholas Ave.

Contact: 212-543-3500 for 3rd floor psych; 212-928-3900 is main line.

Languages: Spanish

Information: 5 psychiatrists on staff, mainly Dr. Fernando Taveras; 2 therapists who do group and single therapy. They will see all types of patients with any psychiatric condition. New patient appointments can take up to 2 months.

Insurance: Any Medicaid, can do pro bono for uninsured on a per patient basis.

Metropolitan Center for Mental Health

Patients with mental health disorders and substance abuse issues.

Location: 1090 St. Nicholas Avenue, located at St. Nicholas Ave. and 165th St

Instructions for mental health issues: Call (212) 543-0777 for an appointment for an intake. You will get a call back within 24 hours for a phone interview, then will have an appointment in 1-2 weeks with a social worker and therapist.

Instructions for dual diagnosis/substance abuse appointments: Call (212) 543-4445 for an appointment. Appointments typically scheduled within 1 week.

Languages: English and Spanish

Insurance: Medicaid, Affinity, Metroplus, Healthfirst, Fidelis, HIP, Private insurance- 1199, GHI.

ACDP (Community Association of Progressive Dominicans)

Patients with Depression, Anxiety, other mental health disorders. They do not see substance abuse patients. They will see patients during their walk-in hours for an initial visit and then thereafter with both therapists and psychiatrists available.

Location: 3940 Broadway, 2nd Floor. (165th and Broadway)

Languages: English and Spanish

Instructions: In order to be seen you must first go to the clinic at one of their walk-in times: Mondays 3:30pm-4:30, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1-2pm, Thursdays and Fridays 11am-12pm. Once a therapist sees the patient for an evaluation, they will then setup regular therapist visits and appointments with psychiatrists for medication management.

Contact: Call (212) 781-5500. Fax- (212)-927-6089

Insurance: Not a comprehensive list but accepts many including- Medicaid, Medicare, Affinity, Neighborhood, Metroplus, GHI, Healthfirst, 1199, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Amerigroup, Emblem Health, UVH, Americhoice, Well Care, and more.

Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center (Emma L. Bowen Community Center or the Center)

Adults and elderly with mental health issues, substance abuse issues, and unstable living situations.

Location: 1727 Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan; at 145th St. and Amsterdam Ave.

Instructions: It is best to go directly to the office and ask for the Mental Health Center and ask to schedule an appointment with a Mental Health Professional.

Contact: You may also call (212) 694-9200 (main line) and schedule an appointment.

Languages: English and Spanish

Information: Clinic offers crisis line, food pantry, adult clinic for individual therapy 646-340-1405 (psychotherapy for all disorders), elderly clinic, halfway home after inpatient rehab 646-340-1400 and 12 step groups.

Insurance: Affinity, Medicaid, Medicare, Healthfirst, Healthplus, Neighborhood, HIP, Amerigroup, Fidelis.


Manhattan North Clinic: Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services

Who this is applicable for: Patients with mental health disorders.

Location: 5030 Broadway (between 213th and 214th Streets), Suite 201

Instructions: Call (844) 663-2255 (Intake number). Appointments usually take 2-3 months to obtain, but providers can call for appointments and get them sooner for their patients.

Languages: English and Spanish

Insurance: Affinity, Medicaid, Medicare, Health-First, Health-plus, Metroplus, WellCare, Americhoice, Ameri-group, Fidelis, HIP, Oxford, VNS Choice, Empire Blue Emblem, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 1199, Aetna, Beacon Hill, GHI, Fidelis, APS.


Fedcap Rehabilitation Services :

Who this is applicable for: Patients with mental health orders not with substance abuse issues. Walk-in hours available for patients for initial appointments.

Location: 1011 Washington Avenue, Bronx NY 10456, near 165th street

Instructions: Walk-in to office from Tuesday to Friday from 12pm-4pm for initial intake. Appointments then scheduled in 1-2 weeks.

Contact: (718) 585-4205

Languages: English and Spanish

Insurance: Healthfirst, Medicaid, Medicare, Affiinity, Healthplus Metroplus, Americhoice, Amerigroup, Fidelis, Emblem, GHI, HIP, AmediaCare, MVP, Oxford, VNS, WellCare, TriCare

Resources in the Bronx


Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center

Location: 234 East 149th Street Bronx, New York 10451

Information: Outpatient Adult Clinic with individual and group therapy and mobile crisis unit. Also has 33 bed inpatient unit.

Contact: (718) 579-5893 (can only leave messages) 718-579-5016 (Medical Center Main Line) for appointments.


Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center

Who this is applicable for: This is an outpatient mental health clinic for adults age 18 and up.

Location: Adult Psychiatry OPD 1285 Fulton Ave. Bronx, NY 10456; Call (718)-579-7395 to inquire if your patient meets criteria.

Languages: English, Spanish (limited number of Spanish speaking providers but they have Spanish speaking therapists).

Contact: Call 718-579-7395 if you have a patient that may be able to be referred here.

Information: Offers CBT, family, couples, and group therapy, and medication management (including injections). Filled to capacity so not accepting any referral from outpatient. They will only see patients from an inpatient referral. They will make the appointment for within 1 week of discharge but the patient has to have their accepted insurance, live in the Bronx in their catchment area, and have no substance use issues.