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Latest News from AIM

Mental health social worker order is now LIVE in the AIM common orderset.

Please use the new “Onsite service referral - Mental Health Social Work” order to refer patients to all mental health resources (psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, psychology, collaborative care for depression).  There is a free text box in the order where you should explain relevant details about the referral.  Upon receiving the referral, Jesus reviews the chart, speaks directly with each patient to understand their mental health needs, and helps the patient to establish care with an onsite provider, NYP provider, or a community based organization.  He follows up with the patient to make sure that they have engaged in care.  He then communicates with the referring provider via SHM with questions or to relay the disposition. 

Diabetes Management Clinic and DSME orders now LIVE in the AIM common orderset:

Diabetes Management clinic - visit with a resident to adjust medications and Angelica for education. Please use the new “Diabetes Management and Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training” order.

Whom to refer: Patients with poorly controlled diabetes (A1c >9)

When does it meet: Every morning

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) - individual visits with Angelica for self-management education that targets patient specific barriers. Please use the "Diabetes self-management education/training (DSME/T)" order.

Who to refer: Any patient with diabetes

When does it meet: Every afternoon (except Thursday)

New GYN Provider

A warm welcome to Dr. Stephanie Warsheski who will be taking over Dr. Behar’s AIM GYN sessions as he transitions his time back to the 21 Audobon Practice and his administrative duties. Thank you, Dr. Behar, for taking care of our patients!

IDT Rounds Update

Our new Health Priority Specialist (HPS), Gianni Roggiero, will be shadowing some IDT meetings this week.  We’re looking forward to having her on board to help coordinate our meetings.  More details to come as she learns more about our processes!

Meds Available at AIM

Ever wonder what medications we stock on the floor? See the list here: Also note that NYP is now stocking HUMOLOG/LISPRO (rather than NOVOLOG/ASPART) if you order rapid acting insulin to cover a fingerstick in clinic.  You can always check with your module RN to see what is available.

Ambulatory Read of the Week

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: What Clinicians Need to Know

A brief, readable summary of the current evidence behind vitamin and mineral supplements, complete with advice for counseling patients. A good review of an under-appreciated topic that we deal with every day!