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Beyond Evidence-Based Medicine

This insightful perspective piece from Stacey Chang and Thomas Lee notes that as medicine rightly moves to relying on certainty from medical evidence rather than simply accumulated anecdotal experience, we are still failing to meet the important aspect of helping patients change their behaviors. They call for a shift to "interpersonal medicine," in which attention is paid to improving the interactions of doctors with patients in the same way we currently develop new and better medical interventions.

Latest News from AIM

From Dr. Barr's Thanksgiving Update:

Rafael Lantigua, MD was recently awarded the first “Dominican Emigrant International Award Mr Oscar de la Renta” by the Dominican government for emigrants who have excelled abroad and positively impacted the Dominican Republic. This award recognizes Dr Lantigua’s many contributions, including as prior PI of the Columbia Center for the Active Life of Minority Elders, Deputy Director of the Taub Institute, and co-founder and prior Chair of both the Alianza Dominicana and the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrants Rights.

Lizzy Oelsner, MD MPH was recently named Irving Assistant Professor of Medicine. This is a wonderful and well-deserved honor in recognition of Lizzy’s work, including her NHLBI Pooled Cohorts Study, the largest US respiratory epidemiology study to date, and ongoing work on the potential toxicities of e-cigarettes.

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