Past Residents


  • Emilia Hermann, Chief Resident, CUMC
  • Kelsey Bryant, General Internal Medicine Fellowship, CUMC
  • Ben Gallagher, Clinician Educator, General Internal Medicine, Yale School of Medicine
  • Sara Cromer, Endocrinology Fellowship, Mass General Hospital
  • Harry Chang, Academic Hospitalist, CUMC
  • Nworah Ayogu, Director of Clinical Product, CityBlock Health, NYC


  • Jude Fleming, Clinician-Educator, AIM Clinic, CUMC
  • Kaylan Christianer, Chief Resident, CUMC
  • Maya Vankineni, Chief Resident, CUMC
  • Tyler Brown, MD, Infectious Diseases Fellowship, MGH
  • Cecilia Fix, MD, Clinician-Educator, Camden Coalition, Camden NJ


  • Sabrina Gard, MD, Clinician-Educator, Mt Sinai Division of General Medicine
  • Stephanie Reiff, MD, Academic Hospitalist, NYU Methodist Hospital


  • Amanda Westlake, MD, ID Fellowship, Brigham/MGH
  • Amanda Ramsdell, MD, Academic Hospitalist, NYPH-Cornell
  • Kelly Schoenbeck, MD, Academic Hospitalist, UCSF
  • Rahul Vanjani, MD, Primary Care, San Quentin State Prison, CA
  • Andrew Goldstein, MD, MPH, Academic Primary Care, NYU-Bellevue; CUMC Bioinformatics Fellowship
  • Daniel Henderson, MD, Private Practice Internal Medicine, MGH
  • Akash Goel, MD, MPH, GI Fellowship, University of Miami


  • Kellie Hawkins, MD, MPH, ID Fellowship, University of Colorado
  • Laura Frado, MD, GI fellowship, University of Rochester
  • Edward Lee, MD, Academic Hospitalist, UCLA
  • Bryan McColgan, MD, Endocrinology Fellowship, Stanford University


  • Eloise Austin, MD, Infectious Disease Fellowship, Columbia
  • Jonathan Dick, MD, Clinician-Educator, AMPATH Consortium, El Duret Kenya
  • Samreen Hasan, MD MPH, Private Practice Internal Medicine, NYC
  • Kinjal Patel, MD, Nephrology Fellowship, MGH


  • Joshua Schulman-Marcus, MD, Cardiology Fellowship, Mt. Sinai
  • Daniel Turner-Lloveras, MD, Primary Care Internal Medicine, FQHC


  • Janina Morrison, MD, MPH, NYC Department of Health Preventive Medicine Residency
  • Gloria Fung Chow, MD, Clinician-Educator, Partners In Health, Rwanda


  • Rhea Powell, MD, MPH, General Medicine Fellowship, Columbia
  • Jessica Singer, MD, MPH, General Medicine Fellowship, Columbia
  • David Sears, MD, Infectious Diseases Fellowship, UCSF
  • Carrie Aaron, MD, Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship, Columbia University


  • Kelly Kyanko MD, Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, Yale
  • Maya Vijayaraghavan MD, General Medicine Fellowship, UCSF
  • Maria Hamm MD, Chief Resident; Clinician-Educator, Columbia
  • Phillip Coffin MD, Infectious Diseases Fellowship, University of Washington


  • John Dodson MD, Cardiology Fellowship, Yale
  • Jonathan Newman MD, MPH, Chief Resident; Cardiology Fellowship, Columbia
  • Jennifer Lai MD, Gastroenterology Fellowship, UCSF
  • Jamuna Karkhanis MD, Gastroenterology Fellowship, Montefiore


  • Sabeena Setia MD, MPH, Women’s Health, NYC Department of Health; Hospitalist Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Yukmila Soriano MD, Clinician-Educator, Division of General Medicine, Einstein
  • Jennifer Downs, MD, Fellow, Infectious Diseases, Cornell
  • Aluko Hope MD, Fellow, Div. of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Mt. Sinai


  • Lisa Diamond MD, MPH, Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Fellow, Yale
  • Sadie Jimenez MD, Internal Medicine Primary Care, FQHC
  • Ravi Sharaf MD, Clinician-Educator, Columbia
  • Pedram Fatehi, MD, Nephrology Fellowship, Columbia


  • Susan Olender MD, MPH, HIV Clinical Scholars Fellowship, Columbia
  • Andrew Moran MD, MPH, General Medicine, Fellowship, UCSF
  • Candice Kwan MD, Senior Technical Officer, Family Health International
  • Lisa Hope MD, Internal Medicine Private Practice


  • Barbara Taylor, MD, Chief Resident; Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Columbia
  • Jeff Farber, MD, Geriatrics & Adult Development Fellowship, Mt. Sinai
  • Joyce Jones, MD, MS, Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research, Cornell
  • Sapana Shah, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine Primary Care, FQHC