Hospitalist Physician Assistants

The Hospitalist Physician Assistant Program has been a part of the Section of Hospital Medicine since 2002. Initially, the mission of the program was to care for the underserved patients of the Hospitalist service. In 2005, the mission expanded to include the care of patients of the private physicians of the Department of Medicine. I firmly believe that this program has grown into the finest medical PA group to be found in any clinical setting. Our faculty universally hold their clinical abilities and professionalism in the highest regard. I take great pride when new faculty joining our program are astonished by the caliber of our PA's. They truly are the "soul" of the Hospitalist program and are entrusted to manage the service, including triage and throughput. Their teamwork and camaraderie are impressive and allow them to accomplish something greater than the sum of their parts. Our attendings feel privileged to work with our PA's.

-Paul Lee, Medical Director