Columbia Outcomes Research and Decision Analysis (CORDA) Program

The goal of CORDA is to rapidly expand health outcomes research expertise, capacity, and productivity and serve as a resource to the Columbia University community.

Resource gap

Medicine is entering a new era in which research data and data analysis are not pursued in isolation. Instead, analytic methods are increasingly applied to data gathered from providers and patients in clinical care, at point of care. Decision analysis applies health and economic data analysis to patient data for the purpose of refining medical decision-making and improve the optimization of individual level and health systems’ care. Outcomes research measures the various less-traditional health outcomes such as quality of life and resource utilization in addition to more traditional endpoints such as mortality and disease progression. Health outcomes research evaluates new interventions and care strategies and can be used to identify pivotal areas that should be prioritized for future research and in clinical trial design.

Services provided by CORDA

Decision analysis and outcome research methods can be used to precisely tailor medical treatments to individual patients' characteristics and preferences.

Data and data management expertise

1) Large healthcare datasets (New York Presbyterian and other New York hospitals)

2) National and local health and health services datasets, including NHANES, NHIS, SPARCS, SEER, and Medicare claims

3) Observational cohorts (from NIH-funded cohorts)

4) Clinical trials

Data analysis expertise

The program is staffed with scientists and physician-scientists expert in decision analysis, computer simulation modeling, and cost-effectiveness research. The two faculty co-leading the center have substantial track records of publication and funding within this area. In addition to expertise in decision analysis related to Cardiovascular Diseases and Gastroenterology, and Oncology, CORDA will aim to be a resource for training faculty from all departments and members of the Columbia University community.

For the larger academic community, the center-will host bi-weekly seminars featuring the latest decision analysis and outcomes research from within and outside the walls of the center, research methods, and grant feedback for planned applications

The Columbia Outcomes Research and Decision Analysis (CORDA) Program is co-led by Drs. Chin Hur and Andrew Moran whose two research units work closely and synergistically together with the General Medicine Division.