Sunmoo Yoon, PhD

Location and Contact Information

Division of General Medicine
622 W. 168th Street
PH 9
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

Dr. Yoon’s research focuses on using visualization and data science for health to reduce health disparities. Yoon’s pre and postdoctoral 10-year training focused on improving self-management behavior applying informatics and data science techniques to reduce health disparities. Self-Assessment of Informatics Competency Scale (SANICS) tool by Yoon’s team is globally established and well validated for a decade. Yoon is a pioneer of developing an analytic framework for Twitter in 2010 when Twitter was 4-year-old. Her work analyzing Ebola Tweets has been recognized as a ground breaking finding by other disciplines including business and pharmacology with 40 over international media outlets including cNBC, Slate, and Economic Times.

Select Publications

  • Yoon, S., Schwartz, J., Burg, M., Kronish, I., Alcantara, C., Julian, J., Parsons, F., Davidson, K., & Diaz, K. (2018) Can behavioral analytics increase physical activity? The effect of revealing personalized predictors of exercise on physical activity: N-of-1 study, American Journal of Preventive Medicine 54(4):559-567.

  • Odlum, M., Yoon, S.* (2015). What can we learn about the Ebola outbreak from tweets? Am J Infect Control, 43(6), 563-571. ---40+ Media release

  • Yoon, S., Shaffer J, Bakken S (2015) Refining a Self-Assessment of Informatics Competency Scale Using Mokken Scaling Analysis, J Interprof Care. Nov;29(6):579-86.

  • Yoon S*, Elhadad N, Bakken S. (2013) A practical approach for content mining of Tweets. Am J Prev Med 45(1): 122-9.

  • Yoon, S. [Application of Social Network Analysis and Text Mining to Characterize Network Structures and Contents of Microblogging Messages: An Observational Study of Physical Activity-Related Tweets], Columbia University, 2010.