Remote Patient Monitoring for Hypertension

How do I refer patients to the RPM program?

To refer patients to the RPM for Hypertension Program, complete electronic form available through this Sharepoint link.

*All items marked with an asterisk should be completed; most important are patient’s name, MRN and contact info.

In your visit, please:

· Educate patient on program, participation, expectation and benefits

· Obtain verbal consent from patient to participate in the RPM program and document in EMR note (simply writing “referred patient to RPM program” is acceptable)

What is the Remote Patient Monitoring program?

The RPM for hypertension program partners with Philips home blood pressure monitoring technology to gather data on patients' home blood pressures and help providers better understand and manage their patients' hypertension. Patients will be provided a device at home including a tablet and BP cuff, and will be followed weekly by program RNs to review device usage and medication adherence.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Newly diagnosed with hypertension or uncontrolled hypertension OR elevated office BP without a diagnosis of hypertension (suspected "white coat" hypertension)
  • Treating provider refers patient to program
  • Patient (and caregiver) agrees to be part of the program
  • Patient speaks either English or Spanish
  • >18 years old
  • Lives within NYS
  • Referring provider is responsible for titrating antihypertensive regimen

How do I review my patients' RPM data?

If you do not have Philips eCC access and are a provider enrolling patients on RPM, please email Adina Bono ( for site access. Providers will receive an email from Philips asking them to activate their account within 24 hours and create a password. Once completed, please let Adina know so account permissions can be updated. Provider will then have access to RPM Hypertension patient data.

A weekly report summarizing your referred patients' blood pressures will be e-mailed to you. To review patient remote monitoring data ad hoc, log onto the eCC database through the eCC link.

eCC link:

What happens if my patient's blood pressure is critically high?

Note that you can choose the values for your specific patient that you want to generate a flag and escalation of care. The default BP that triggers a phone call from the RPM nurse is SBM > 200 mmHg or DBP > 130 mmHg.

From 8AM-5PM, Monday - Friday:

If a patient’s vitals trigger a high flag, the call center will reach out to the RPM ordering provider directly by phone to handoff. Provider is responsible for following up with the patient and adjusting plan of care as needed.

From 5PM – 8PM, Monday – Friday; and weekends 8AM – 8PM

AIM Answering Service will receive all escalation calls regarding RPM patients. On-call provider will receive the escalations and follow up with patients. On-call provider will communicate escalation follow-up to RPM ordering physician

Whom do I contact?

If you would like to contact the RPM nurses that are following your patients, please e-mail or reply to the messages they send you using #encrypt in the subject line. The nurses appreciate learning about changes to the antihypertensive regimen and can use this information to reinforce adherence to new medications.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the program, please e-mail Ian Kronish or Adina Bono