About CPSR

Near-miss errors and errors that cause harm share a common causal pathway

CPSR aims to systematically address persistent issues in patient safety by

  • Developing reliable methods to measure the frequency of EHR-related order errors
  • Studying their underlying root causes, and
  • Testing electronic interventions designed to avert them

Led by Jason Adelman, MD, MS, CPSR conducts federally funded and hospital-supported projects, with multidisciplinary collaborations including Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Nursing, Quality, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Biomedical Informatics.


To design and apply rigorous research methods to develop innovative, scalable, and practical solutions to real-world safety problems that can be replicated locally and nationally to prevent medical errors and improve outcomes for all patients.


To be an international leader in the innovation, implementation, and dissemination of replicable, scalable, and evidence-based solutions to improve equitable patient care and achieve zero preventable harm.


To develop and implement patient safety research initiatives leveraging health IT, disseminate evidence-based best practices, and train generations of clinicians and researchers dedicated to quality, safety, equity, and outcomes in healthcare delivery.

Our commitment to diversity

Our dedication to recruit individuals from many backgrounds and demographics allows us to leverage these different perspectives and experiences in our common goal to continuously improve quality, safety, equity, and outcomes in healthcare delivery, and achieve zero preventable harm.

Our commitment is further demonstrated by an embedded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee within the PSR Fellowship to ensure recruitment and mentoring of underrepresented groups, education and training in health equity, and ensuring Trainees’ research projects address the deep-rooted disparities that persist in healthcare delivery and outcomes.